May 15, 2011

Surprise of the Day

For about two weeks I've been asking Ross if I could book our trip to Canada. At first it was "we're not even off the plane from South Carolina yet...wait a day or two" then it was "let's make sure my foot isn't broken because I want to hike and stuff up there." (Note: foot not broken, just a bruised muscle. Whew.)

So today when I absent-mindedly said "Babe, can I book our Canada trip?" and he just said "yes" I was floored. What!? Yes!? Just like that? I can book it!? WOOHOO!

I confirmed with him, we'll go early Monday and come home late Friday. Yes, yes, that was fine (he had video game zombies he had to kill, couldn't I see that?). I wised up, quit asking questions and just logged on to Then I further wised up and called Enterprise to make sure we could rent a car in Buffalo and drive it into Canada. No problem, thus rental car question: check.

And then I booked our Canadian vacation!

Mike & Brenda's Lake House, pic stolen from Facebook
We're flying into Buffalo, NY on August 1 at the crack of dawn. We'll get in around noon and are then driving to Toronto where I hope we'll spend a little time getting lunch and seeing the city. Then off to Mike & Brenda's lake house for four nights of laid-back Canadian fun. On Friday we'll drive back to the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area, check out the falls and hop on a late flight back to Austin. Woohoo! I am so excited for our summer vacation. Yay!

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