May 3, 2011

BenAnnaWedding Weekend

Whew! And we're back from BenAnnaWedding Weekend. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I'll mostly share pictures here but I'll do my best to fill in the holes with captions.


Friday night we had dinner downtown at Fleet's Landing with the Deltas. It was the first time since my wedding (as in yes, 18 months!) since I'd seen Val. We were very excited to see each other and I'm looking forward to a Seattle adventure probably in June to see her more.


Saturday morning Ross and I took a horse-drawn carriage ride through downtown Charleston to learn about all the historical sites and the city in general. (Yes, our tour was led by a Confederate soldier look-alike.) The tour included a drive-by of Hibernian Hall which in addition to hosting the 1860 Democratic National Convention, is better known for hosting the BenAnna Wedding Reception of 2011.


Then we got all dressed up for the wedding! Lindsay took this lovely picture of us on the porch at our waterfront Marriott Courtyard. (My first hotel via Priceline and all around, a good deal.) I think this is the photo we've voted into the "Cheryl & Ross See the World" album.


The ceremony was at the French Huguenot Church on Queen Street. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take any good pictures of the wedding in action but I did get this nice shot of the location. I loved the blue chandelier as well as the random gold delta (ie triangle) that you can see up at the very front. I'm not really sure why there is a gold delta in this church, other than to make all of us Deltas very happy, but it was there nonetheless.


Then off to the reception hall where after a round of cocktails, we were greeted by our favorite bride and groom, Anna and Ben!


The party included a great deal of dancing and merry making, kicked off by who better than BenAnna.


Lots more dancing. And we took a Delta picture (have to wait on Anna's photographer for that one) and sang "I'm a T" because that is what we do at weddings. You know, Anna told us that she actually had a nightmare that the wedding ended and she hadn't had a Delta picture nor had "I'm a T" been sung. As if we'd let that happen! No way! We did both, excellently too might I add.


And then we went to Folly Beach and did a whole lot of nothing for a few days. Well, nothing but work on our tans, read good books, drink a few cocktails and eat lots of delicious seafood.

And you can see all the pics (and download them at full size if you want to my lovely Deltas) on my Flickr page.

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