May 9, 2011

What did they do up at Hood?

When watching ABC World News (hosted by my BFF Diane Sawyer) there was some Osama bin Laden coverage. No surprise; it is definitely one of the biggest things to happen in recent months. The story, though having nothing to do with our local armed forces at all, started a train of thought in my mind that resulted in this question:

What did they do up at Ft. Hood when they got the news?

Ross suspects that the people at Ft. Hood and our other military bases were happy and relieved. I'm not saying I doubt that but how did that manifest?

Did they cry? Cheer? Hug? Break open a bottle of champagne and toast? Call their loved one in the Middle East and share a moment? Sit on the couch quietly trying to wrap their head around this, what it means for our country and what it means for their family?

How did they find out? From their loved one in service? A special correspondence from a military or government official? Or like the rest of us, via "USA" chants during that Mets-Phillies game, an overly eager tweet or "breaking news" alert?

Whether you are military or not, how did you react? What happened, if anything, at your home that day?

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