May 16, 2011

The Year of Travel

Me thinks that 2011 will go down into Black Family Lore as the year of travel. As a team we've been to Dallas and South Carolina and have our next vaca to Canada all tied up with a bow. I've already been on business trips to four different cities (with Deltas in three and YNPNers in the fourth!). I have a fifth business trip to Baltimore on the books and of course the Cheryl-only trip to Seattle in August.

Imagine adding to the craziness a Lowe family trip to Pensacola.

Yup, because that's what's happening. Next Wednesday night I'll begin the car-tastic trip to Pensacola for Lil Bro's US Navy training graduation. I drive to Houston Wednesday (stopping just once for an all-important visit with Melissa) and then Thursday bright and early in the A.M., Mom, Dad and me will pile into the little red Corolla and drive our happy selves to Pensacola. Hopefully we'll get in early enough to have a couple hours on the beach and maybe even a seaside dinner. Then Friday morning is the main event - GRADUATION. Woohoo! I get to see Kev all dressed up in his Navy blues alongside the other Navy boys (and girls). Then all four of us are whisked away back to Houston via the Corolla. Yes, that's right, four grown Lowes in one car.

Hehe I tease about the cozy Corolla but I'm really looking forward to the trip, transportation craziness included. I'm bummed that I didn't get to see Kev graduate boot camp and this is a great opportunity to still be involved in supporting his Navy career. As I told Mom & Ross, things like this are a big part of why I moved back to Texas. In Boston it was just too hard to have quick weekend trips for things like graduation or Easter. Now there's so much more opportunity to see each other and it's only a short (or medium length) car ride away.


Anna Bryant said...

 You're coming to Baltimore too?!  When is that trip?  

Cheryl said...

October 2-5 but unfortunately I think they are going to keep me really really busy working. It's our annual conference for imagine rush with less singing but more people and maybe a happy hour or two.