May 28, 2011

Oprah & Gayle

Back from Kevin's US Navy training graduation (more on that in a couple days when I get pics from Mom but it was GREAT), I'm catching up in my Google Reader. And as you probably know, Delta blogs are my favorite. It's blogging and TriDeltas combined, what's not to love. I just finished reading Jess's blog about the Oprah show ending and while I can't say I had the relationship with Oprah that she did, it did remind me of one of my favorite relationships of all time: Oprah & Gayle.

As you probably also know (also, as in, in addition to my love for Delta blogs), my BFF Melissa and me have been BFFs for a million years. I think the official tally is 18 years (HOLY COW WE'RE OLD) but a million more or less sums it up.

Some time ago, we decided we were like Oprah and Gayle, BFFs taking on the world. When we call at unacceptable hours for a frivolous meltdown we say things like "...and I just had to call and tell you about it because you are my Gayle" or when we're trying to explain some other people's relationships we'll say "it's like he's his Gayle."

My Gayle and Me
Other things you should know about Oprah and Gayle as they relate to Melissa and me: whoever is Oprah is the person who is requiring attention at the moment, the person to needing to be the star (not because we think Oprah is needy or anything but because let's face it, she is the star of the show). The supporting BFF is always played by Gayle. On my wedding day for example, I got to be Oprah and she was an awesome Gayle.

I DVRed and watched the last five episodes of Oprah, mostly because it was the TV event of the year and I was not about to be left out. I just watched the last one today actually because when it was live, I was quickly finishing up my work day to, how appropriate, drive to Houston to visit my Gayle before going to see lil bro's graduation.

Anyways, that's all. I love having my own Gayle...or Oprah if that's what the moment calls for. And I hope you too have a Gayle and that you are able to let each other play Oprah whenever necessary.

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