May 13, 2011

Family Portrait Time

If you read this blog, you are probably also my friend on Facebook...or you are my mom. Either way, it means you've already seen our little family portrait. But lucky you! You get to see it again!

Family Portrait

On Wednesday we used the LivingSocial deal I bought way back in March to get a family portrait taken. (For what it's worth I would have posted this picture much sooner if Blogger hadn't been down for two days in a row. WTF Blogger?) Originally, it was just going to be a Lexi picture...and when I say originally, I mean for the first 5 minutes after I purchased the deal. Then I became fixated on having it be the whole family. And my husband, because he is so wonderful and is a sucker for all things Lexi, well, he obliged to this level of ridiculousness.

Our photo package got us not just an 8x11 (probably going in my cube at work), some 5x7s, 4x6s and wallets, it also got us a jumbo 10x13. Yup. I've framed that bad boy and hung it prominently in the living room. If ever we wanted to pretend to be cool, that is so out the window. We're blatant puppy-loving suburbanites who get their pictures taken by inexpensive yet talented mall photographers, so says our living room wall. 

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