May 14, 2011

Congrats Meg!

Proof: Niece Ava finds Meg's name
Today Ross's sister Meg graduated college. Woohoo! She graduated magna cum laude from Texas State with a BS in Criminal Justice. We're so proud of her! And as if graduating (with honors!) wasn't enough, she's been accepted as a full time graduate student for the fall and has landed a gig as a TA. Yay Megan!

We had at least 15 people, maybe 20 at graduation. Then we had 25 people at Trattoria Lisina (winery/restaurant) for the big celebration dinner. Four courses! Antipasta, lasagna, chicken marsala, salad, chocolate mousse cake and of course, wine. It was so much delicious food. I was starting to feel full after the second course but like everyone else at the table, pushed through til dessert.

024I also borrowed my favorite loaner-baby, 11 month old niece Adele, during dessert. (Her dad passed her to me "just like we passed the chicken marsala," down the table, person to person.) She was actually much messier than this photo implies. My napkin took the brunt of the disaster that was an 11 month old with chocolate cake within an arm's reach.

And after dinner we took some lovely family photos. (Oddly enough while taking the photos we ran into Norm, Ross' co-conspirator and BFF from high school who was at the same restaurant for date night with his girlfriend.) Here's my fav pic of new graduate Megan and Ross.


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