May 20, 2011

I know my luck

In water-deprived Austin, rain is normally cause to sing to the heavens. We are in a perpetual drought. Literally we had zero inches of rain in April.

Tonight started our third rainstorm in the month of May. I was at the gym, 10 minutes into my elliptical work-out when CBS started telling me that we were under a "severe thunderstorm warning." Whatever, I'm from Houston. Say "hurricane" and I'll start being concerned. And besides, I'm an ABC news gal, I don't trust the other stations.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mark Murray, my local ABC chief meteorologist, standing in front of an extremely red and orange digital map. Hmmm, this couldn't be good. Red and orange on weather maps rarely means "sunshine, butterflies and an excellent breeze." I flipped channels in time to hear "reports of 1 inch diameter hail and expecting cloud-to-ground lightning."

Well shit. Now I've heard it from ABC News (and CBS) and I'm only 13:30 into my cardio work-out. But if I stay at the gym and my car is pelted with hail, that's not going to be good. Assuming the world doesn't end tomorrow, how am I going to explain to my hubby that the hail damage was all in the name of another 15 minutes of cardio? And I know my luck and my luck says the world will not in fact end tomorrow and I will have to explain this.

Of course my luck also says if I leave the gym now, it will be barely a drizzle by the time I complete the 10 minute drive home. What to do?

I came home and blogged. And once I'm done blogging here in a minute, if Lexi will allow it, I'm going to try to sneak in 20 minutes of pilates as a consolation prize.

And if Lexi and I have to do rain dances to keep this rain comin' down enough to make me feel like leaving the gym early was warranted, well then by gosh, a-dancin' we shall be.

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