Jul 2, 2011

Between October 25ths

Somewhere between October 25, 2009 when we got married and October 25, 2010 when Kevin began boot camp, I became a sobbing mess for military-families-reunited stories. Every time I see one, I cry like a baby. (The worst was a two part series. In the first segment, the Dad watched his baby's birth over Skype from Afghanistan and a few months later in the second segment, he held his baby for the first time.) It's a combination of imagining what it would be like to have Ross gone for an extended period of time and with Kevin's enlistment, having a renewed appreciation for military service.

So last night when ABC News (I told you I'm a committed viewer) honored our military and their families as the "Persons of the Week," I just stood there in my kitchen, loading the dishwasher and cried. It's so beautiful to see these soldiers come home to their wives, kids, girlfriends, parents, siblings. Really, could any homecoming be more exciting for a family?

If you want a good little patriotic cry, here's the clip from last night.


Cheryl said...

Haha no not just you. I even cried a second time when I watched this clip today to make sure it was the right one. As if I didn't know what was going to happen! Disaster I tell you, a damn disaster.

Brittney Cochran said...

Oh thank God it isn't just me who does this! Having grown up in a military family, I feel like I really connect with these people. There is no more deserving group of people for our hearts than the military families!