Nov 10, 2012

Falling Apart

iphone_picOur poor little Lexi girl seems to be falling apart. A few weeks ago, as you may know, she was on puppy bedrest for a hurt leg. Then of course there's the usual "Mom & Dad changed my food and now I'm having an allergic reaction" situation. (Apparently she can't just be on IAMS All-Natural, it has to be IAMS All-Natural Chicken variety; nothing else will do.)

Now it's her cute little puppy dog eye. Earlier this week Ross noticed her right eye had a weird pink swell/growth/something. You can only see it when she looks really far to one side or is worn out, panting and has her eyes open really wide. Her annual appointment was due pretty soon so he decided we should go ahead and do that.

Good thing too. He took her yesterday and the vet thought it was probably an infected tear gland but wanted to consult a puppy ophthalmologist. She sent a couple photos of it off and within a couple hours was calling us back. Turns out it is either an inflamed something-or-another or a tumor which would require surgery.

Lexi is now on oral meds and eye drops in hopes that it will clear up and thus have just been the inflamed thing-that-I-can't-remember-the-name-of. If it doesn't start to heal, we'll probably need to take her to a specialist and have them do a biopsy.

The good news in all this is two-fold. 1) It doesn't seem to be bothering her in any way and 2) Ross caught it early.

We're of course hoping her eye clears up, she's fine and that this is the last bit of falling apart our sweet girl does for a very long time.

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