Nov 18, 2012

Thankful Part 2

Patient, forgiving AND good-looking
13. My patient and forgiving husband - (Very similar to Thankful item 1) This past week I was - how do I put this delicately - difficult. Every day. My hubby was not only patient in the moment but forgiving after the fact(s). Bless him.

14. Black Friday sales - Because we bought a pretty bad ass refrigerator on sale today. I'm very pleased that Lowe's started their Black Friday sale a full week in advance.

15. FaceTime - Yes, the iPhone/iPad app. Because every third day when my hubby is on shift, I still get to see his pretty face before I go to bed.

16. Texas - It may sound cheesey but I really love my home state. I can wear short sleeves in November (and 9-11 other months a year), the cost of living is low, the economy is strong and diverse, the accents drawl, there's a national magazine, we don't (usually) take ourselves too seriously (how could any place with such big hats/hair and so much glitter be too serious?) and it just feels like home y'all.

17.  Grandma Betsy's food legacy - Also known as pumpkin bread. It completes the season, can brighten anyone's day, is my one family recipe and the only thing I can consistently bake.

18. The Houston Texans - It may not have been pretty today, but we got the job done! 9-1!

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