Nov 14, 2012

Lifting the Veil

With the election behind us, I'm lifting the very thin veil on my presidential preference.

Tonight, ABC News did a story on why Mitt Romney thinks he lost the election. In summary, Romney says Obama gave "gifts" to various minority groups and then aggressively got out the vote.

To me this translates into Obama passed policies he believed in and then asked his supporters to vote for him (or the less cynical version, asked Americans to vote for/against him based on those policies...isn't that what you are supposed to judge a presidential candidate on, their policies?).

The "gifts" Obama gave are outrageous things like healthcare or access to a future through skill development. Outrageous I tell you!

And the minority groups who benefited are fringe groups like young adults, women, African-Americans and Hispanics. God forbid they be encouraged to exercise their right to vote.

If affordable access to contraceptives (that enable better family planning, reduce unwanted pregnancy and frankly cost a whole lot less than you and/or the government raising a child), is the President's gift/bribe to me and other women, I will happily take that gift and vote with it.

Can we call low tax rates and loopholes the Republicans' gift to rich people and then accuse them of aggressively soliciting votes? If so, you're on.

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