Nov 29, 2012

New House Noises

Whenever you relocate, there are all kinds of new noises to become accustomed to. If you are lucky, they are run of the mill and nothing that gives you buyer's remorse (so far so good).

Here's what we hear.

It's a couple miles away so you can't hear it on the tracks but you can faintly hear the whistle/horn/thing. Given that we've both actually lived on railways and know what it could sound like, we're not worried. Once we actually are doing normal things like watching TV and raising a family, I doubt we even notice it. Right now its just because everything else is SO quiet.

There is a healthy, robust and vocal puppy community here. Fortunately they all seem to have about a 9p bedtime. Lexi is going to have so many new friends...including the neighbor dog who she invited herself to visit yesterday while Ross and their owner chatted out front. A few minutes after chatting with the neighbor Ross realized Lexi was not underfoot as she usually is and when he went into the front yard (from the back) to see if she wandered out there, our neighbor was escorting her out of his house. She'd just wandered on in for a play date, that's all.

Not our house but our cul-de-sac borders a fairly well-sized residential lot where the neighbors keep a few animals. Among them, as I discovered this afternoon, are goats.

I have never lived someplace where you legitimately hear an owl. I don't know if I've ever even visited an owl-inhabited place. Last night in bed I heard the "whooo whooo" you learn to mimic in pre-school and looked at Ross and said "an owl???" Yup, definitely an owl. 

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