Nov 7, 2012

Really Really Close

Our new house is really really close to being done. (As it should be; we close in 2 weeks!)

Today I ventured up there with a coworker/friend on lunch to check it out.

iphone_picThe front yard landscaping is done - grass, a tree and some cactusy things that look fairly difficult to kill. (Score!) The back patio has been finished and the backyard is looking more cleared in general. We also have appliances in the kitchen now and a light in the entry-way.

Tonight I scheduled the painter to come over Thanksgiving weekend and paint the kitchen red (once you go red you can never go back) and the master bedroom accent wall a lovely turquoise. The painter is the hubby of a former coworker so I feel really good about supporting their family.

In addition to the painter we're juggling a million other house-related things but so far so good. Move in day is getting really really close and we can't wait!

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