Nov 15, 2012

Mango Baby!

Support stockings, roomy shoes, sweating. All things used in their week 23 pregnancy description. Way to get a girl excited y'all.

Knock on wood, but so far I've had none of those. I'm sure it is wishful thinking that it will continue so smoothly but I can dream.

Also on the Baby Mama front, I can really feel him wiggling now. It's not all day, but usually in the morning as I drag my butt outta bed and in the evening as I start getting really lazy. It's kinda a nice reminder that something much more important that chores, work, bank accounts, etc is going on in our lives. In terms of weight gain, still pretty modest. But I'm eating and he's moving and every doctor's appointment seems to go very well so I am just going to chalk it up as a bit of genetic awesomeness.

Princess Mango Lily
From my intern days working on the mango farmers' group.
I'm choosing to imagine this is what Cade looks like, feathers and all.
More related to Baby Cade, he's now cross the 1 pound in weight mark! You go baby! He's about the size of a mango and his hearing is getting much better. In fact, he'll probably start to become accustomed to loud noises, like Lexi barks, and then be totally unfazed by them when he arrives. Excellent. Because sometimes, like when people dare to go on walks in front of our house, Lexi barks a lot.

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