Nov 28, 2012

Let there be light! No really, please let there be light

At about 1:30p today Ross called me at work "someone just came and turned off the power. I need Reliant's number."

Thus began several hours on the phone and eventually social media in an attempt to restore power to our house. During all this Ross immediately recognized the eminent need as we just had a cold front come through and he has a pregnant wife who should not be in a cold house all night. It wasn't until an hour into it all that we talked and he made this point to me. Apparently I had forgotten my fragile condition.

I won't go into all the details but what it boils down to is an innocent (we assume) mistake (by whom is a debate) in which service was transferred to a house with the same street number but different street name. Turns out we'd been paying someone else's electricity for the past week. (I think they owe me a fruit basket or something.)

In retrospect we had some pretty funny moments on our calls with support. One of the best being the customer support person who recommended Ross go online and complete a service form. Ross quickly reminded him that without electricity, neither internet nor computers work.

On the more positive side we both greatly appreciated the people who said "She's pregnant? You're right; we need to get you power" and "I had a baby not too long ago. Being pregnant is uncomfortable enough. You don't need to be cold and pregnant in the dark." (Amen sister.)

And in the end we really appreciate the combination of the customer service supervisor and social media team who both went the extra mile to get our service turned back on tonight and follow up multiple times while we were waiting on it.

Because of them I'm in a snuggly warm house, using my internet next to a reading light, after taking a hot shower and my hubby is vegging out to the TV.

God I love electricity.

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Brittney Garneau said...

Haha this reminded me of my love of toilets when I got back from Peru. You really take these things for granted until they're not there!