Nov 12, 2012

Thankful Part 1

Our November is so wonderful and busy, I thought committing myself to blogging about something every day would be an overly ambitious challenge. I do, though, really like the idea of taking time to remember all the things we should be thankful for. This year instead of a post per day like I did last year, I'm going to do a few summary posts of the things I'm thankful for. And so far, 2012 has given me LOTS of fodder.
Numbers 1 & 5, combined
  1. My magnificent husband - He's sporting a charity mustache, man-handling many elements of our move and saving lives on a regular basis. All while taking me on date nights and making me feel pretty, even when my pants (tops, dresses, skirts, coats) don't fit.
  2. My growing belly - Healthy babies require growing bellies! And healthy is exactly the way I prefer my babies. Grow belly grow!
  3. My sweet Lexi - Even with her recent ailments, she's still the cutest pup I know. And she snuggles like a champ.
  4. My baby's godparents - Val already has a trip to meet Cade booked and Ryan is talking about prepping him for college. My baby has very good godparents.
  5. My dream house - We visited the new house again today and I can honestly say, it is a dream come true. Every time I see a new feature installed or unveiled, I'm just in love with it. I cannot wait to move in!
  6. My parents - In addition to taking my calls at all hours (especially Mom, I should really start being more considerate in my call times), they are helping us get the house set up in a couple weeks, planning a visit for the birth of one Baby Cade and what I am most thankful for, raised me to be a confident, head-strong, independent adult.
  7. My Grandma - At 87 years young, she's doing great and I know will be one of the first in line to meet the newest addition in the spring. I'm so glad Baby Cade will have a (super, exponentially fantastic) great grandmother!
  8. Deltas - The day my doc confirmed we had a healthy pregnancy, I set aside the whole evening for calling Deltas. Do you know how much fun it is to tell all your best girlfriends that you are having a baby!? It is excellent. And seeing them every year is simply spectacular.
  9. Our EuroTrip - We saved and planned and planned and saved and every minute was so worth it. Hands down the best trip I've ever been on (and I'm fortunate to have set a high bar with New Zealand several years ago). It was the perfect babymoon and I'm so glad we did it before embarking on our next chapter.
  10. Ice Cream - What? I'm pregnant. Also this love is amplified by a recent conversation with my doc. Me: "I'm not gaining much weight. Is everything OK? Are we cool?" Doc: "A lot of women find they eat healthier when they are pregnant..." Me: "I'm not one of them." Seriously, I have 3 varieties of ice cream in my freezer right now, cookies n' cream, Great Divide and chocolate fudge brownie. (And yes we're cool; baby is growing and has a healthy heart, both of which are more important than my weight.)
  11. Southwest Airlines - As you can see, many of the serious items are behind us. I love Southwest because they don't charge me for luggage, consistently arrive on time, still serve snacks and run a pretty damn good corporate blog. Also, I got my flight to Kev's wedding for $80 + miles with them. SCORE.
  12. Yoga - I'm not into "at one with the world" "love, peace and happiness" yoga (or the 1990s prenatal yoga DVD I bought, which has 3 pregnant women in brightly colored unitards making them look like teletubbies) but I have come to really dig athletic, balance-enhancing, flexibility improving yoga. My body hasn't been this well stretched since I was 15. And though I'm having to start modifying it now, it is the work-out I can do with the least modifications which makes me feel like my normal, active self.

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