Nov 12, 2012

She Blogs

For work today I tasked myself with researching some women-centric media outlets for our PR team. As a girl power geek, it was a task I LOVED and turned into adding a few new blogs to my personal RSS reader, including Motherlode from the NY Times. I figure in a few short months, its content will be wildly relevant. Might as well start studying up now. (Also it is sharp, thoughtful and thought-provoking with very little "sex clothes and makeup!" like I saw on so many others...I like those 3 things as much as the next girl, but dear God, I am sure there are more important things I should be reading in my roughly 30 minutes of personal/professional development time each week.)

Anyways, I wanted to share a small excerpt from one of the posts I read today, as I think it hits the nail on the head for what is coming down the working mom road for me. Here ya go

Now it’s time for a neat wrap-up, tying together one frustrated law firm associate and now at-home parent with the need for both policies and social compacts that make quitting a choice, rather than a perceived necessity, and that make her eventual re-entry into the workforce a generally accepted part of the arc of a career. It’s all part of the same thing: the evolution of the working parent as both sexes reach for a more balanced life. And given another half-hour at my desk, I’d wind that into a closing paragraph that made it all flow, and made it clear that the goal should always be to enable all parents to make the choices that work best for their families — because children raised in happy, secure environments are important to our future.

But I don’t have another half-hour, because I’m a working parent, and I have children to pick up at school, and an afternoon’s coordinated activities to set in motion, with the help of my husband and any number of other parents, all of whom are about to embark on a usual weekday of Lego League practice (four working-parent coaches, including me), playdates (with a parent who has an afternoon off), birthday parties (starting after work!) and taking children to watch the college hockey team in action (another afterwork activity).
I don't share this in a "woe is me, the soon-to-be working mom" way. More in a - "ha! ain't it the truth!" way.

Have a fav blog I should add to my reading list?

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