Jan 7, 2011

A.M. Adventure

In all the excitement of the new truck, Ross' firefighting gear didn't make the transition between garage and truck. So at 6:25 a.m. today, I loaded my sleepy self and his gear into my car to trek up to Georgetown (ie 15 miles each way).

Normally, I would not be jazzed about this drive and admittedly, when I started it, I wasn't. But in my PJs, I decided to power this adventure with Starbucks. I pull into the drive through and via the intercom thingy, Josh asks for my order. I'm giving him my order, "tall caramel frappaccino, 2% milk and no whip--" when I hear "what!? Drive thru? You always come inside!" the voice of my favorite barista, Chantal. That girl is so good, she recognized my voice/order and jumped in on it.

When I explained that I was wearing yoga pants and bedazzled flip flops and was in no condition to be seen by the public, she laughed, empathized and gave me possibly the best frappaccino ever. Have I mentioned that I love Chantal?? She's fabulous! (Dear Starbucks people, give her a raise or at least a bonus. She's earned it.)

Also on my early morning drive there was a lovely bright orange and pink sunrise. Coupled with my delicious liquid breakfast, it was a pretty excellent early morning drive...and it means I'm up and home early enough to watch most of Good Morning America. Not so shabby.

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