Jan 3, 2011

Page Ideas

My inner marketing/web/social media nerd LOVES the new "pages" feature from Blogger. If you aren't familiar with it, it allows for static web pages on the blog. The examples Blogger gives are "about me" and "contact."

Note: that is a borrowed baby

I first discovered these when Jane added them to her blog -http://acceptanceenergyhappiness.blogspot.com/. See? Don't you love it?

(And right now I'm more than a little jealous of her 2011 A-Z Reading Challenge because that is an excellent page to have on her blog.)

I want to add pages to this blog...again, mostly because I'm a nerd and it sounds way cool. But I'm not sure what the content should be and as a good marketing person, I want to be sure I have worthwhile content if I am going to include it. So I turn to you, loyal blog readers, what content do you think I could/should include on some permanent blog pages?

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