Jan 5, 2011

Big Girls' Sorority

With Margo, left, (who btw just got engaged!) this summer
Christen, Anna, Margo and I once had a Facebook convo about how there are sororities at all stages in life. Girl Scouts in K-12, legit sororities (ie TriDelta) in college and Junior League in grown-up-hood. Really when you think about it, they all provide the same thing to different ages of gals: organized opportunities for do-good-ing, friendship and fun.

You know I'm well versed in Girl Scouting and I'm a proud TriDelta and today I completed my membership form for the Junior League of Austin.

TriDelta was the best thing to happen to my college years. Seriously. FANTASTIC. And while I have great gal friends in Austin, I've found myself craving that large group of girls dynamic provided in a sorority.

The Girl Scout office did a pretty good job; we only had 3 guys working in the Austin office so it was in essence a chic-fest. But still, that included work things and thus some social boundaries. Now looking forward to my new, undoubtedly more co-ed gig (very excitedly looking forward I might add), I feel even more of a craving for a girls-only club. Hence, membership in Junior League.

I'm looking forward to the admissions meeting at the end of the month, meeting my sponsors and starting a new chapter of chic-centric social and philanthropic endeavours.

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Margo Buege said...

I've clearly long neglected my delta blog reading, but skimming through yours I realized wait that's me! It was so nice seeing you this summer, and I hope you have a blast with all the Deltas this weekend!! :-)