Jan 29, 2011

Movie Reviews & Recs

Ross and I aren't big movie people. First, we don't really agree on what makes a "good" movie. Second, well just neither of us are that into movies in the first place. Having dinner out seems like a much better use of money to me. Going on four years together and I can probably still count the number of movies we've seen in the theater together.

But last weekend we rented a movie via OnDemand, The American starring George Clooney. Ross was interested because it was a spy-espionage flick and I was interested because of George Clooney. Oh. My. God. Worst movie. After watching it I really wondered "What made Clooney, after reading the script, think 'I have to make this film!'?" mostly I wondered this because the film contained so little speaking. I bet the script was about as long as a children's book. And it had no plot. We couldn't even finish the flick. After an hour fifteen (of just an hour forty-five movie) we threw in the towel. I am so glad we just rented this instead of going to the theater.

And last night while Ross was working I hit up Blockbuster to finally rent Changeling, the Angelina Jolie movie where her son goes missing. The preview showed a great scene where she's standing in front of a train yelling "Where is my son!?". Talk about captivating. I really enjoyed the whole movie and while I won't give away the end, the final answer to where her son is really surprised me. The previews never led me to believe the movie would go in that direction. Very nicely done. This movie I recommend, highly.

For some non-movie people though, movies have become a bit of a Valentine's Day tradition for us. We like going out to a matinee and then having a nice dinner. (It's funny how "a movie and dinner" has taken on so many forms over the past few years. The first year we did this it was just because we were broke. We saw a matinee because it was cheapest and I cooked dinner at home. This year we're going to a matinee at Alamo Drafthouse, fully intending on ordering at least cocktails and then having a schwanky double-date dinner.) As we approach Valentine's Day, I've realized, we have no idea what movie we should go see. I don't even know what's out! So I'm hoping you can offer suggestions. Some of our favorite movies are Taken (this is probably our favorite...hehe and we saw it on Valentine's, very romantic huh?) and Hot Tub Time Machine (could those two be any more different?). We saw Avatar last year and liked it. Ross' favorite movie is Braveheart and mine is probably The Holiday.

Oh and I refuse to see No Strings Attached because the ads for it on Pandora this week have just about driven me up a wall. I don't care if it gets nominated for every Oscar out there and is deemed the best thing since Star Wars, the advertising has pushed it into my Movie Exile.

OK so you know a little about our movie tastes - Valentine's Day movie date suggestions?

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