Jan 1, 2011

New Year, New Resolutions

Happy 2011! I hope you are looking forward to a rockin' awesome year.

A few resolutions to make my year rock:
  • Read a dozen really good books. I totally already gave this one away with my 2011 reading list.
  • Work out at least 200 minutes per week. I've been all over this for the past two months and am loving the results. I can basically eat whatever I want (knock on wood) and with this much cardio can mantain my weight. I wonder what will happen when the holidays are over and I quit eating like crap. Maybe I'll shed a pound or two!
    The little family saying "adios" to 2010
  • Eye liner. I don't wear it often, mostly because I am lazy about make up, but when I do wear it I really like what it does for my eyes. So I am resolving to wear it at least a little more often.
  • Take more pictures. This is a Team Black resolution, spearheaded by the hubby and actually, made possible by the hubby and the fancy new camera he got me.
  • Save $$. Also a Team Black resolution. We've looked at our finances for 2011 have set an ambitious but achieveable savings goal. We have a dollar amount that we want to save each month. (Since we use our savings for vacation I think this will be an easier way to track our savings than just the total at the end of the year because as you'll see from the next and final resolution, I plan to spend a hefty chunk of it.)
    From TravelInStyle.com
  • Book our trip to Europe! I'm looking forward to this one most. We're probably going to Greece (see picture, what I hope to spend 10 days looking at) and looking to go in spring 2012. In September/October Ross will put in his vacation request for that fiscal year and then we'll know when we're going and I can book it. Woohoo! Come on Europe!

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