Jan 7, 2011

Before Monday

On Monday I re-enter the world of the fully employed. It's been a great three weeks off...so great I still have a lot of things to do. So here I am, putting out there the things I have to get done before Monday at 9 a.m. I hope this inspires a little accountability in  me.
  • Laundry. All of it.
  • Finish The Nasty Bits
  • Catch up on social media/NPO blog reading
  • Grocery shop
  • Pick up pants from tailor
  • Pedicure (I know this is too fun for a list but I must must must go)
  • Lots of gym time
  • Pick out clothes for Monday (much harder than it should be. Casual workplace but it just feels wrong to wear jeans the first day...but coworkers will proably be in jeans so don't want to stand out. And it's a high of 39 here that day and I don't really own winter clothes because I don't like them. Sigh.)
OK Not an exciting blog post but I needed some accountability. Now to start on all of it I'm going to...do something not on the list at all and have lunch with Meredith :)

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