Jan 3, 2011

Lexi's Resolution

002As you know, Lexi is a puppy. However, Lexi does not know this. She thinks she's a people.

She eats cereal off of a spoon. She takes showers. She watches TV. She sleeps in a king size bed. Sometimes she even sleeps with her head on the middle pillow and body stretched out between Ross and I. And sometimes, when I'm not here to stop it, I hear she actually sleeps under the covers.

Knowing that my pup thinks she is human, I explained the new year's resolution I chose for her based on this. (Yes, I explained a new year's resolution to my dog. Don't judge.) If Lexi really wants to be a people, she has to act like people and people do not jump at the TV. Thus Lexi's new year's resolution is to not jump at the TV.

She didn't get a vote in this. As the puppy-mommy I invoked my powers and authority and imposed this resolution upon her. It will be achieved through the evil water bottle that magically squirts at her when she does jump at the TV.

Come on Lexi - you can do it!

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