Jan 11, 2011

New Gig in Review

As you probably know, I started a new gig. Since this isn't a work blog (it's a Team Black blog), I won't go into tons of detail. But I'll give you some highlights
  • I like my team. Heck, the whole place has been pretty friendly.
  • The benefits are good.
  • The office is a mini-downtown Austin, complete with street signs. I sit at the corner of 4th and Brazos.
  • My commute is short and the parking is free.
  • I can wear jeans. Every day. Glory glory hallelujah!
  • Many a co-worker has complimented my new blue Coach bag. Obviously they have good taste.
  • The restaurants nearby are delicious and the shopping is excellent.
  • I'm going to be able to travel to places more exciting than Brownwood (sorry to be a hater, Brownwood, but you must admit, our country has sexier cities).
I think that about covers all the important things. My three weeks off was nice but it's good to be back to work. I'm too much of a busy-body to be home that often. I was going crazy and according to Ross, taking him with me.

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Jess said...

Wearing jeans to work=best thing ever! Glad you are liking your new job.