Jan 21, 2011

Lucky Problems

A few weeks ago Ross and I were in bed flipping through channels before going to sleep. We stopped on Comedy Central for a stand-up comedy routine. Now I'm going to paraphrase because the language wasn't totally PC but you'll get the drift.

The comedian was talking about [rich] people problems. Like flight delays. "You're flight was delayed!? THAT'S your problem?! You had to wait to actually go into the air and fly across the country, soar through the sky like a bird, defying gravity. A trip that just 150 years ago would have taken 30 years and if the Oregon Trail computer game taught us nothing else, would have killed off half your traveling party. And you complain because you had to wait. An hour."

Admittedly as I'm laughing about how ridiculous this really does seem, I'm also thinking "but God I hate flight delays. They suck."

He made the point that this was why Americans don't get a lot of sympathy abroad. He made it very comical of course but in short, some people have real problems - like disease, war and hunger. We, the affluent Americans, have flight delays.

I realize there are people in America who suffer from hunger, abuse and a million other terrible things, but as a whole, we don't have it too bad off. Flight delays make the evening news...and most of us have a TV to watch it on.

Knock on wood, things have been going really well for Team Black lately. We realize this and we talk about how lucky we are. A home, good jobs, health, vacations, a loving marriage and the best puppy in the world. And even though we know we're lucky, that comedian, between peels of laughter, made me remember what a lucky problem flight delays are.

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