Jan 4, 2011

Imagine if you won the lottery

With tonight's big lottery drawing, the news has done several stories. And the "what if we won" is a conversation Ross and I have had several times...you know, because since the odds are so in our favor we want to be sure we're prepared.

Here's what we've come up with:
  • Pay off all debt; ours, parents', and siblings'. We think this should only take a fraction of a fraction of our winnings...unless someone is seriously hiding something.
    From worldwideaspen.com
  • Relocate to a lakefront mansion. But still stay in the Austin-ish area.
  • Hire a housekeeper. Or two. Let's be honest, if we started making about $10k more or lived in a house with even just one more bedroom, this would be really high on my list. Like higher than cable TV. We're really crummy at doing chores and are chomping at the bit to be able to justify having a housekeeper.
  • Become Oprah's Bahamas neighbor. Oh yeah, we're totally buying the vaca home next door to Oprah in the Bahamas. Our honeymoon solidified the heck outta this.
  • Give money to the parents. If they have multi-millionaires as kids, there's no reason for them to work right? Now siblings we haven't decided about... ;)
  • Buy a ranch. Guess who is behind this one? Yeah, totally Ross. To go with his ranch I will be buying an airplane and hiring a personal pilot to help me commute from said ranch back to civilization. I mean really, ranch, airplane and pilot are a package deal.
  • Travel everywhere. Duh. But I can't even begin to imagine where we'd start. Egypt? China? South Africa? I mean heck, I still need to see the Grand Canyon! I'm not sure where we'd start but I'm pretty sure we'd see it all.
The one thing we've never actually decided on is if we would quit working. I mean probably. I don't need to send my hubby into burning buildings if we are millionaires. But I think we would both get bored which is why it's never the first thing we shout out. I can see us quitting our current gigs and going into one of those fields you have to be rich to even get into - like owning a football team. (Note: in a totally separate conversation we've discussed how the San Antonio-Austin metro area really needs an NFL team. As in we've come up with names [Los Caballos possibly] and decided the stadium would be in Buda. Perhaps if/when we win the lottery, we'll be the owners of said team.)

Or maybe we'd just live on our millions and be professional volunteers. Also likely. At least, far more likely than actually winning the lottery in the first place.

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