Jan 19, 2011

Blog Lag

This topic is two-fold.
Anna, blogger-extraordinaire, borrowing a baby

  1. Sister Deltas - you post so much less often lately. I have 130+ items in my Google Reader and only one of them today was a Delta blog (thank you Anna). I love all the nonprofit, marketing and fundraising stuff but I need Delta blogs. Please blog more.
  2. Now if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, I've been blogging so much less. The excitement of my life hasn't changed; still just same old Team Black. I think the change is how much more I write for work now. A week and a half in and I've written two blog posts already and countless Twitter and Facebook updates. It may be sad for you, blog reader, that I'm not blogging as much but for me, it's very exciting that my career is meeting my professional interests and wants. Hurray!
Now for some misc updates.
  • Lexi increasingly thinks she's a human. Two nights ago I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to discover that not only was she sleeping in our bed (normal) but was under the sheets - my 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets - and had her head on the middle pillow. Really? You are a dog, I swear it.
  • Ross is working on certification to be a high school baseball umpire. (Wow, I can't believe I haven't mentioned this before.) As you may or may not know, every firefighter has a second gig. His had been firefighting part-time at Sam Bass FD. But now, it will be umpiring. He's excited that it will provide some more variety to his days off and he just really loves baseball. I'm excited because he'll be home overnight more often and I get to be the cute wife who sits in the stands and cheers on the ump. Fun!
  • I've been doing OK on my new year's resolution to do 200 minutes of cardio each week. The week of Jan. 2 I hit a grandslam, 260 minutes. Last week, I sucked. Only 165 minutes. But I think I get a pass on that since a) I did so much the week before, b) I did start a new job that week and c) the weather was wet and cold so Lexi walks had to be eliminated. So far this week I've done 180 minutes and it's only Wednesday! Key to success: pretty weather and thus many Lexi walks.
  • As I alluded to in a previous post, I have some sexy business trips. Fingers crossed, I should be going to the appropriate cities and have just enough free time (as in, a meal) to see Kristin, Emo (OK that one is already booked), Ben, Anna and Meg D. Woohoo! Now if just someone could plan conferences in Boston, Atlanta and Seattle. Maybe one of y'all could spearhead that effort for me?
  • I really enjoy writing in parenthesis and bullet points. Wow, I'd almost forgotten how much both of those rocked my socks.
Peace out homes

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