Jan 22, 2011

January Holiday Fiesta

My new company, Convio, has their holiday party in January instead of December. I think this is genius because 1) everyone is super busy in December, 2) it's way cheaper and 3) it means I got to go this year.

Before I go any further, I would like to say, Girl Scouts was a fabulous place to work. It was very warm and fuzzy, very mission-centric, very friendly. I learned great skills and was given the opportunity to try entirely new things. Really very good. However that said, I'll divulge - the holiday parties are...interesting. I'll go no further than that but suffice it to say, not my cup of tea. (But I guess it is something that we at least had them. I'm sure some organizations cut them entirely with the recession.)

The Convio holiday party, however, is exactly my cup of tea. It was fantastic! Basically it was any other Saturday night at the bar but you just happened to work with 50% of the clientele and the other 50% were married to/dating your co-workers. Fabulous.

Example of how good looking hubby is
The only thing I would have changed was my hubby's attendance. He's off firefighting tonight - saving lives and the like. You know, just a regular day at the office. And while I'm very pleased that he is doing such noble work, I have to say, I would have enjoyed showing him off tonight. He is, after all, very good looking. But maybe next year. I think his attendance would in fact make it the perfect holiday party. For this I give Convio another tally mark in the "win" column of life.

Oh and PS I increasingly enjoy my coworkers. They have such interesting backgrounds, hobbies and experiences. Every time I talk to one I am so intrigued. Yay them :)


Juno Kughler Carlson said...

Hi Cheryl. I met you in Austin last year when our GS Council was there for the SXSW conference. We chatted social media over breakfast :-)

Your new company sounds wonderful, and I loved your blog and seeing all the pics. Hope you have a fantastic new year! Juno

Cheryl said...

Juno, Yes! I loved meeting you and your co-workers. I'm actually crossing paths with Jessica next month. Such a small world in Girl Scouting! Hope all is well :)