Nov 21, 2011

Christmas Comes Early

As you'll remember, one of my favorite things about Ross is his generosity...especially when it comes to gifts. One of my other favorite things is how eager he gets to give said gifts. He is awful, just awful I tell you, at waiting to give a gift.

iphone_picExample: He had not one but two plans for proposing, the second with less lead time than the first, but ended up dropping to one knee within just a couple days of ring purchasing because he couldn't wait any longer.

This Christmas, no exception. In fact, it's already arrived! Just check out that bling!

He's extra special amazing because he inventoried my jewelry box while I was at work today. Can't have repeats, no sir. My baby makes sure to round out my collection with new and different things each time around. And he knows I'm not really into colored gems. I prefer neutrals...just like the diamonds and pearl here.

There's even a pair of matching earrings. The set has already been scheduled to make an appearance at Jane's wedding (official debut date TBD but Jane's wedding will definitely be included in the tour).

Please allow me to reiterate Thankful XVI, my hubby.

Merry (early) Christmas y'all!


Kristin Emanuelson said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Thank you dear