Nov 28, 2011

Thankful XXVIII

I'm thankful for video plus Internet magic.

Specifically video calling via the Internet (ie FaceTime) and posting web videos (ie YouTube).

Being able to call Ross via FaceTime when he's at the station makes his crazy schedule a hundred times more bearable. And when I'm on business trips, it's even better. I'm thankful for it now and I know when we have kiddos I'll be even more thankful. I mean just think about it, when one of us is gone we'll be able to call in for bedtime stories! That's awesome!

And then there's YouTube. Perfect for sharing cat videos and walking this one!

I'm so glad that even when my friends and their adorable babies are far away, I can still witness the milestones and fun little moments in their lives.

God, technology is great.


Cheryl said...

I'm always up for sharing cute babies. Keep the cuteness coming!

Kim Dodson said...

It is pretty great isn't it? Thanks for sharing our happy moment! :)