Nov 7, 2011

Thankful VI

I'm thankful for Goodwill.

Yesterday I made a quick trip down to the local Goodwill donation center to drop off bags of clothes that no longer fit, never fit in the first place and really shouldn't have been bought, etc. After taking my donation and giving me my tax receipt, the man working said "Thank you for your donation. It's helping put people to work."

It was one of the warmest, fuzziest, directly mission-related things I've heard in a while. It reminded me that not only did I get my closet cleaned out, I helped people who want to be self-sufficient be a little more self-sufficient. Thanks Goodwill Industries of Central Texas for that happy moment :)

(PS A day late I know but really, what's one day right?)


Cheryl said...

I'm all about missions and idealism and yes, I'd be happy to tell you which location. I was at the Parmer Lane drop off, near Metric Blvd.

Goodwill Austin said...

Thank you for your warm words, Cheryl. For most, our mission may sound idealistic, but when you think about it in detail, everything comes to focus. You donate, you shop and you fund the services that help restore a neighborhood.

So yes, you can help change a life when you shop. Yes, you can help change a future when you donate. That is how the mission becomes pragmatic; a reality.

If it's not too much to ask, would you mind telling us which store did you visit?

Have a wonderful day.