Nov 26, 2011

Thankful XXVI

I'm thankful for our little slice of heaven.

This post started out as "thankful for holiday shopping" which is very true but then I started thinking, holiday shopping has started out a little more fun this year. Why? Well, for the first time we didn't write out a penny by penny budget. And that got me thinking, yes I'm thankful for holiday shopping, and a flexible holiday budget but what I'm really thankful for is our happy life together.

We're lucky to have everything we really need, both in the tangible sense of shelter, food, warm clothes (or cool clothes as July and August necessitate) and in the intangible sense of health, happiness and love.

Travel: My #1 choice for occasional splurging
We're also lucky enough to have many things we simply want, from table-runners for every season to vacations to fulfilling careers to flexible holiday budgets.

But if you know us (and since you are reading this you probably do), I think you'd agree that we aren't super fancy. We're more Chili's than Ruth Chris', more Target than Tiffany's.

And I love it.

I'm so thankful to be living this husband-loving, bargain-shopping, puppy-kissing, full-time-working, occasionally-splurging, wonderfully ordinary suburban life.

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