Nov 7, 2011

Thankful VII

I'm thankful for traditions with friends.

Traditions, rituals, routines, call them what you will, I'm thankful for them.

Every month Haila and I have lunch at Chuy's and today was that blessed day of the month. I love that we do this. In 2 years we've only missed one month (last month due to sick kid on her part and then allergy me on my part). It's great. We spend an hour or so at Chuy's, catching up on everything under the sun. I love it.

Also, about every 9-12 months the Deltas reconvene to "party like it's 2007," which for what it's worth is my fav way to describe our annual reunions. On my recent Cheryl-only trip to Seattle, Val and I discussed the importance and wonderfulness of these events. And then when we realized we were running out of weddings to act as our excuses, we started handing out years. (It's unofficial but I believe Val gets 2013, Emal's been nominated for 2014 and I'd like to claim 2015. Please feel free to challenge us on any of these if you have major life events you'd like to commemorate with a party.) (Jane, you have 2012 but that one is very official.)

And that's why today I'm thankful for our routine reunions. Let's keep 'em up girls!

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