Nov 16, 2011

Thankful XVI

The encore edition

Living life & having fun,
opening weekend for Rangers v Sox
I'm thankful for my husband.

I know I told you this earlier in the month, but lets be honest, I didn't do him justice. And to be totally honest there probably isn't a blog post in the world that can do him justice. But I'm going to at least try.

I'm thankful for Ross because he keeps me sane. He has a light-hearted attitude, wrote the book on fun and knows how to infuse any day with a good time. He lives life fully and whole-heartedly, taking risks and enjoying every minute. He's just plain fun to be around and who doesn't love that.

Loving Lexi,
whether she likes it or not
I'm thankful for Ross because he is affectionate. Whether it's me or Lexi, he always makes sure we know that we're tops. He hugs and kisses and sends silly text messages. I know every single minute of every single day that he loves me more than anything.

I'm thankful for Ross because he's giving. He's giving with presents, always making sure that this birthday or Christmas is better than the last. And he takes such a joy in the time and energy he invests in finding that perfect gift to bring a smile to your face.

I'm thankful for Ross because he followed his dream. That might sound a little cliche, but it's true. He didn't become a firefighter to make millions. He did it because it's what appeals to him, both for the adventurous nature and the giving back. Every day I'm proud that he is making a difference to families in their scariest moments. I'm also proud that he struck out on his own path, choosing something he's excited and passionate about instead of something that will simply fill the bank account. At the risk of getting ahead of myself, I'm thankful that our kids will see and learn from that example. Being passionate about your work and being able to help others are two of the most important lessons I want to teach our kids and he lives them every day.

Finally, I'm thankful for Ross because he's my other-half. Everything I'm not, he is. He's the perfect fit for me and I'm glad I snatched him up for my own.


Cheryl said...

why thank you

Jessicaellenporter said...

Very sweet :)