Nov 21, 2011

Thankful XXI


She is not only the cutest pup ever, but the sweetest. Just look at that picture from last night. How can you not love her?

Of her many traits that I love some of my favorites are how she is super duper cuddly, how she is always under foot (and therefore never really runs away, such a good girl) and how excited she gets to greet you when you come home.

Among her funniest traits is the 10 a.m.-stare-down, that is, what happens at 10 a.m. if people are home but denying her a walk. She finds you, stares at you and will not stop until you take her for a walk. She is insistent!

Finally, they say that a dog is the animal replica of its owner. Lexi proves the point. She is rambunctious like Ross and cuddly like me. She demands constant attention (like me) and is always ready to eat (like Ross...and well, kinda like me too I guess). She loves to run (like Ross) but has to be a drama queen about how worn out she is after the fact (like me). And because she doesn't know she's a dog but thinks she's a people like us, she sleeps in the bed, preferably with her head on a pillow and body under the covers.

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