Nov 27, 2011

Thankful XXVII

052I'm thankful for my little brother.

You might expect me to wax poetic about his service to his country or his recent promotion to petty officer. I am, after all, very proud of him for his Navy service and the strong start in his career.

However, I was happy to have Kevin as a brother before he joined the Navy and I'll be happy to have him as a brother when his Navy career is done. Navy or no Navy, he's a great kid. He's fun to be around, sincere when the time's right, a smart-ass when the time's right (and sometimes when it's not right but I think that's part of the definition of "smart-ass"), helpful all the time and to his very core, a good person.

Like most siblings we have stupid inside jokes, stories only we think are funny and plenty of dirt on each other. It's great.

I'm thankful to have a brother who I not only love, but who I really like.

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