Nov 2, 2011

Thankful II

loweC_4086edit1I'm thankful for my Dad who says things like "Wow, this car is great. We should get her this one" and "I know there's a budget, but make sure she has a nice wedding" and "Well, if it's it not gone by Tuesday, you do what your old man says and go to the doctor you hear."

And my favorite: "You go, girl."


Jill88 Tx said...

Beautiful wedding photo - can't believe I havent seen them. We must change that. Bust out the album next time I see ya. You are so photogenic and a natural beauty. :)

Cheryl said...

Why thank you dear. This is one of the best wedding pics I must say. Next time you're at the house, I'll show you the album. It's our "coffee table book."