Oct 27, 2010

Book Review: Mockingjay

I think it was like two months ago I promised you a review of Mockingjay, the third and final book in the Hunger Games series. This is definitely a series written for teens, but what of it? It was a good, engaging read and I stand by my many hours on the couch reading something aimed at 14 year olds.

Let's play catch up. The Hunger Games series is based on North America in the future, ie Panem. The capitol city suppresses the districts (city-states if you will) through the Hunger Games, an annual Olympic/Gladiator event with a lot more violence as it is based on teenagers fighting to the death. Needless to say, this upsets quite a few people as they send their teens to nearly certain death. The heroine is Katniss and Peeta is her star-crossed lover.

I'll try to review this last book without totally giving away the glory of the first two. I might fail but I'll try.

In Mockingjay Katniss has become a symbol for rebellion, well, she and her pin of a mutant bird, the mockingjay. Though looking for a utopia she discovers much of the oppresion and manipulation used by the capitol is also used by the rebellions. Throughout the rebellion she is torn between the commanders' desire for her to be a figurehead and her own desire to lead battles. Throw in a love triangle and this girl's world is a mess.

Mockingjay maintains much of the futuristic, sci-fi elements of the first two as well as the character development, emotional appeals and political savvy. There is a fairly subtle underlying philosophical message, one that at the end of the story, you can't really argue with.

Suspense, love, creativity, loyalty and drama. Verdit: Definitely complete this series.

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