Oct 15, 2010

Rick Perry, You're Wrong

I can't help another political post. It's election season.

Texas Governor Rick Perry is not my best bud. We disagree. He has a re-election ad out right now and most of it I think is accurate. Or at least if it isn't, I don't know about it. But the last part of it just kills me. He says Texas has strong public schools.

Rick - you're wrong! In what world is Texas hailed for its public schools?? Rural and urban schools are both in states of distress, for extremely different reasons. Some suburban schools are fine, a few are really good, but a few are really crummy too.

Less than 70% of Texas high school students graduate, ranking us 35th in the nation. In my mind, this is one of the key indicators of how good your schools are. So if we're 35 of 50...how is that good?

I wasn't going to vote for Rick Perry anyways. (Go Bill White!) But it kills me that he is promoting himself on a pretense that just isn't accurate. I hope most voters are aware of the reality of our schools and recognize that this credit touted by Rick Perry is actually a falsehood.

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