Oct 30, 2010

Tortillas Locas

DSC00713Yesterday we had an amazingly funny Lexi situation.

While outside on the porch, we discovered Lexi had pulled down the package of tortillas from off the counter and brought them into the backyard. Of course she ate many but this was like a jumbo package. Ross picked up the left overs and started throwing them at her frisbee style, just being silly and making a mess really.

And then Lexi started to fetch and return tortilla frisbees!!

Apparently she had eaten so many that eating them no longer appealed to her. But a game of tortilla frisbee? Oh yeah. Awesome.

P.S. I had another photo but I accidentally canceled the upload midway, thus deleting it and of course had already deleted it from the camera. Silly Cheryl. And also yes, it is fairly normal for us to have tortillas on the kitchen counter. This is Texas. Tortillas are in the same food group as queso, chips and margaritas. And it is the largest, most important and certainly most consumed area on the food pyramid.

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