Oct 8, 2010

NYC Addresses a Pet Peeve

Disclaimer: this post is political in nature and my beliefs may not be very popular (or maybe they will be, who knows).

One of my pet peeves is standing in line at the grocery store, behind someone who buys junk junk and more junk and then realizing they are paying for it with government assistance. This drives me crazy!
  1. Junk is more expensive and thus you are not being resourceful with my tax dollars.
  2. Junk food causes poor health which will cause either health insurance premiums, state funded healthcare or both to be more expensive. Now you've cost me even more money.
Enormous pet peeve of mine. Especially as I've read the calories and price per unit on so many of my purchases so as to promote good health and fiscal responsibility in my family and with my hard earned money. It makes me feel like since I am helping buy that person's groceries, it is the least they can do to do the same.

Well last night on ABCNews with Diane Sawyer (love her) I saw that in New York City they are trying to limit what foods can be purchased using food stamps. I think this is great! Anyone who would listen to me rant has heard my strong belief in this for at least the past two years. The story and the proposed measure specifically addressed the purchase of sodas. I even more strongly agree with banning this product as it has absolutely no nutritional value, does not quench thirst due to all the sugar and is expensive.

Another Diane Sawyer story a couple years ago, actually a whole 20/20 episode, about families in Appalachia strengthen my crusade against soda. That story showed how some parents, unaware of the negative consequences, give their small children Mountain Dew in their sippy cups, causing years of tooth decay. I knew soda was bad for you but that story reminded me of just how bad it can be for you when consumed to extreme measures. So yes, I especially agree with banning the purchase of soda using taxpayer dollars.

It hasn't been passed yet but I sure hope it is soon. And I hope other cities and states will follow in NYC and Mayor Bloomberg's example. What do you think about the proposed law? Other ideas?

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