Oct 24, 2010

In the Navy

Kevin at our wedding last year

Today my brother, Kevin, started his career with the US Navy. At 3 this afternoon, our parents dropped him off at the Navy office in Houston. With him he has the clothes on his back, contact case and I think a travel size contact solution bottle. He's great at packing light.

Tonight he's doing some paperwork type stuff, being put up in a hotel by the Navy and early tomorrow he'll fly to Illinois for boot camp. He's there for about eight weeks and will then start "A School" in Pensacola, ie the technical training part.

We're really hoping he can be in Houston for Christmas. With the holidays being so close, timing is a little funny. The eight weeks of boot camp take us up right to Christmas Eve but he's been told that usually they wrap up a few days early since everyone is eager to celebrate the holidays. Then he has to go to Pensacola immediately but again, we've been told that usually at this close to the holidays once he checks in, he'll be given a week-ish off and then come back first thing in the new year.

These are all "usually" things or "most likely" and I don't think we'll know for a while if they apply to him or not. I'm really hoping they do.

I'm very proud of him for this new direction. I think he's going to excel. I don't know whether he'll make a full career out of the Navy or if it will be just a four year commitment for him. Either way, I think its great. I'm sure once he's done in Pensacola and stationed somewhere I might worry about him. But for now, he just has the cold of Chicago to deal with and an undoubtedly loud drill sargeant. He's a tough kid; he can handle it.

Good job Kev! I'm so proud that you are in the Navy now!

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