Oct 18, 2010


OMG I've been waiting days to post this.

S'more Soiree set records for both the number of participants (sold out!) and revenue dollars!

Woohoo! I couldn't tell you sooner, dear blog reader, because this feeds into my Facebook and I wanted to tell my committee members in person at this evening's meeting. But we've had the meeting, we drank the champagne and now I can announce.

We sold out with 150 participants and set a new revenue record by having $64,000+ thus far. I'm hopeful that afer the event next month we'll reach $66,000 or $67,000.

True to a good fundraiser, it was the committee that made the difference. They are great! Three are professional fundraisers, three are Girl Scout moms and two were cherry-picked for their particular role. Fabulous.

I am pretty jazzed about writing all this in my October monthly report.


Jess said...

That is awesome Cheryl, way to go! All of your hard work paying off, congrats :) Sounds like fun, wish I could go haha.

Anna said...

Congrats!! That is very exciting!