Oct 11, 2010

From Home to Home

Sunday we left home and drove home, Austin to Houston that is.

Pic Mom shared of Kev last week
with his big catch
Kevin leaves for Navy boot camp on October 24 so we took this weekend to visit with him and wish him good luck. (If I hadn't already told you, Kevin announced in April or May that he was enlisting.) We had a nice quiet weekend in Houston visiting with Kev, Mom, Dad, Bry and Grandma. Oh and we ate the delicious red snapper Kev caught while deep sea fishing with Dad last weekend. Yum! It was just a night so I didn't even call the high school friends - sorry y'all but it was just too quick of a trip to do much.

Boot camp for Kevin will be outside of Chicago and will last until right before Christmas. Then he'll go check into his Navy technical training program, known as A School, down in Pensacola. With any luck they'll tell him to take the next week off and report for training after the new year. We won't know any of this until we're in the moment but we, especially Kevin, are optimistic. I sure hope he's home for Christmas!

In other, albeit much less momentous, news our wedding announcement showed up in the fall edition of  COMtalk, the BU College of Communication alumni magazine. It was so fun to see it listed and to have all the BU folks who attended included. Jess, Anna, Jane, Rae, Lindsay, Emo, Kim...others who are engaged and I likely forgot, remember to submit it. It's way fun! (Btw - hello weddings! I mean I know we're "at that age" but goodness, that's a lot of upcoming weddings.)

It isn't showing up online but normally you see alumni Class Notes on the web. And you can submit your own Class Note via that link too.

Oh! And I have a new computer (yay!) so I need your blog address again. Yes you. I need yours specifically.

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