Oct 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary Us!

iphone_piciphone_picToday is our first wedding anniversary! Yippee!
Ross came home from GFD this morning and greeted me with a dozen roses. Yellow, my fav. And then, just now, we received an Edible Arrangement from his parents. Perfect since we have cake for later but Ross doesn't really eat cake. Now at least he'll be eating something while I bury my face in chocolate cake.

I gifted Ross with two books, one about MLB umpiring (he's looking to maybe umpire Little League locally) and one about zombies (because he really likes zombies and what says romance like a zombie book). And as you know, a couple weeks ago, he gifted me with a beautiful diamond necklace. And on Saturday we received the Top Chef Quickfire Cookbook from my parents. Of course, Lexi couldn't be left out of all the fun so today I bought her a new puppy tag (as in she really needed one with both our phone numbers on it and I just got around to it today). It's been like Christmas around here!

Today we have exceptional anniversary plans if I do say so myself. At 1:30 we have a couples massage. We really wanted to do this on our honeymoon but with having just bought the house were too jumpy about money to spend any. Thus, I'm very pleased we're doing it now. Later tonight, Ross made us dinner reservations at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. And I am wearing my fantastic orange dress that hits all the right curves and hides all the wrong ones. Woohoo!

Happy first anniversary to us!

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