Oct 8, 2010

Yuppie of the Year

I would like to nominate myself for Yuppie of the Year based on this week's activities...
  • Monday, lunch Ladies who lunch! Had a lunch date downtown with former co-board member for YNPN Austin, Narissa. Pieced together all of the npo gossip in Austin.
  • Monday, exercise I began my exercise with a mid-day power walk around the lake with Nichole and ended it with a weight-lifting class at the gym
  • Thursday, lunch Ladies who lunch part 2! Had a lunch date with Andrea, a TriDelta from Baylor at the Domain (read: extremely yuppie, expensive and mildly generic shopping center in north Austin. Home to Austin's only Neiman Marcus, a Tiffany's, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Cache, etc). Her MIL is friends with my MIL and about 6 months ago, our MILs set us up on a date. It was grand and finally after six months, we repeated said date. The initial intro was because she just joined the Junior League in town and I am wicked interested. I think she might be one of my sponsors so I can join this winter.
  • Thursday, bling I came home from work and my hubby surprised me with new diamond bling! It was meant to be an anniversary gift (10/25) but after he bought it he got too excited and just couldn't wait. White gold and diamond lovers' knot necklace. Perfect! Very good selection on his part.
  • Today, dog park We took Lexi to Red Bud Isle, one of the best views in town, reserved exclusively for pooches. And she even got in the water! Chest deep! This was a big accomplishment. If you could see the views of the hills and the city...you would also be amazed that this is a dog park and not the home of some exclusive resort.
  • Today, dinner at the Club. As in Lost Creek Country Club with my in-laws. Lovely. Glass of wine and shrimp scampi on the veranda (that is just a fancy word for patio right?).
  • Tomorrow, lunch Ladies who lunch part 3! Heading down to Apothecary for lunch with Mer while we sort out YNPN Austin things.
  • Tomorrow, Tiffany's Heading back to the Domain to shop at Tiffany's. Must replace my earrings.
  • Tomorrow, evening Wine with Brittany.
I'm not normally a lady of such high-falutin' taste but this has been an extraordinary week in terms of yuppie-ness. I'm not sure I have the energy to do it every week, by my goodness, it's been fun!

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