Oct 2, 2010

Misc Collection of Updates

Is it odd that despite blogging for something like 23 days of September, I still managed to feel like I missed somethings? Here's the updates in a nutshell.

  • Last weekend when having dinner with my in-laws, we received the flag from Gramma's funeral. Its home is now a place of honor in our living room on the shelves that Spike built. It's really nice.
  • Brittney's blog reminded me that I never told you which of the many avenues of involvement I had selected. Selection isn't complete but I did join the 2011 Cattle Baron's Ball committee (American Cancer Society fundraising gala). I'm helping with the Children's Art Project.
  • Thank God that Anna peer pressured Emal into starting a blog. I basically consider that I have about six friends from college to whom I was fairly attached at the hip and still remain relatively attached...by some very long stretched out triangle shaped cord. Well Amanda, Val, Anna, Jane and Jess are all blogging but (Kristin) Emal was holding out. But haha! She succumbed to the peer pressure of Anna. Nicely done Anna, nicely done.
  • Still on the same note of girlfriends and blogs, I really enjoy reading how we've all...I dunno, grown. For example, when we were roomies, I never knew Amanda to be religious. Since then she's converted (kinda) from Polish Catholic to Roman Catholic, married in the church with a full mass, goes with her family to church every Sunday and caters the annual church kick-off dinner. Or Val, she's gone mostly veggie and moved to the West Coast, a complimentary pair if I do say so myself. In about a year Jane will go from Ms. Harries to Dr. Theriault (I mean I guess, assuming she takes his name). Jess and Anna have both found themselves attached to the south and Emal has become the Jersey girl. Who woulda guessed it all!
  • October is here! (OK you probably realized this already.) That means we're going to celebrate our first wedding anniversary this month. It also means the lovely weather that is Texas in the fall is very much present.
  • Blog for your breasts! Yesterday as the beginning of breast cancer awareness month was the official "blog for your breasts" day. The day got away from me and I totally didn't do it. So I'm making up for it today by saying I SUPPORT THE FIGHT AGAINST BREAST CANCER and this YouTube video about research to do such is pretty cool too.

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Jess said...

I cannot believe it is almost your 1 year wedding anniversary!! Seriously, I know we always say time goes by so fast, but it does not feel like a year since being in Texas for the first time and celebrating you and Ross. Happy wedding month/almost 1 yr :)