Oct 4, 2010

Things the Northeast Does Wicked Well

Anna blogs all the time about the Secret Society of List Addicts so as a person who loves to-do lists and "seen it" travel check lists and...well you get the picture. I thought I would check it out.

Verdict: pretty darn funny.

I'm going to piggy back on their recent post "Things the Northeast Does Wicked Well"
  • Higher education. Hello Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Boston University. Then there's that Boston College place. Way to bring down the IQ guys.
  • Hockey. Not to offend the Canadians but New Englanders also do this pretty good. But with 9 months of winter, they ought to.
  • Forget the middle of the country. I don't mean for this to be mean. In college I once heard a Midwesterner complain that East Coasters have the east coast, California and Chicago. And I have to admit, after I heard it, I agreed. I too regularly forget about states like Iowa, Kentucky and North Dakota (tell me, when was the last time you thought about any of those?). I'm sure their residents do not appreciate this. Sorry y'all. I inherited this trait from New England.
  • S8000576.JPGVote Democrat. Good job everyone! Keep it up!
  • The colors black, gray and brown. East coast people rock these colors all the time. I tried to introduce pink when I lived there but my success was very limited. On the same note, Texans really rock bright colors, especially burnt orange and turquoise. What is it with the ladies all wearing turquoise in small Texas towns?
  • Public transportation. I was trying not to repeat from the original post but they do this really well and its one of my very fav things about the east coast. It is deserving of repetitive posting. And while we're on it, let me vocalize my love: I love the subway! I would ride it every day and ditch my car in a second. Woohoo subway!
BU TriDeltas and other New Englanders - what did I miss?

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